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Investors Managers

Investor Matching Analytics

Reduce your Marketing Costs and Increase your Chances of Investor Funding

Identify Matching Investor Mandates

Identify Matching Investor Mandates

View all mandates ranked by best match to your funds

Evaluate Competition

Evaluate Competition

Identify your competitive advantage for each matching mandate

Streamline and Prioritize Mandates

Streamline and Prioritize Mandates

Prioritize all matching mandates and track the status of each

Key Benefits

Reduce your marketing time by focusing on sponsors and investors where your capabilities best matches their current requirements.

Save Time
Get deep insight

Reduce your marketing costs by avoiding meet-up events where the chances of a match with sponsors and investors are low.

Get confidence in the entire matching process by leveraging the transparency at each step of the process.

Align portfolio with investment requirements
Rationalize your decisions

Identify quickly the competition from among 6,000 hedge funds and review their track record, size, location, currency and service providers.

Build your competitive advantage by further analyzing competitor information vs. mandate requirements and own capabilities.

Validate results
Perform deep analysis

Explore investor interest in a contemplated fund by adding the new fund data and identifying potential interest from investors.