Sovereign Wealth Funds

Accelerate hedge fund training of analysts and new hires
using scenario based portfolio analytics.

Key Capabilities

Learn about each of 6,000+ hedge funds including investment strategy, investment terms, fund principals, assets under management, fund domicile and fund track record.

Get acquainted with different ways to express the investment objectives, requirements and preferences of a portfolio of hedge funds.

View hedge fund best performing strategies for any period of time.

Learn step-by-step how to construct an optimal portfolio of hedge funds that meets a set of investment requirements.

Learn about the process of fund subscription and redemption.

Perform a comparison of two hedge fund portfolios in terms of their returns as well as a selected set of risk metrics.

Do an analysis of a hedge fund portfolio by two classifications of investment strategies.

View a portfolio exposure along multiple dimensions such as geography, sector, asset type, financial instrument and trading method.

Perform a rebalancing of a portfolio based on specific targets and assumptions about future market or industry events.

Build and compare different portfolio rebalancing scenarios.

Leverage HedgeSight’s comprehensive training material to further improve and speed up the learning process.

Key Features

Comprehensive hedge fund
portfolio optimization engine
Multi-dimensional analysis of hedge fund portfolios and strategies
Key Features
Scenario development,
comparison, analysis and tracking
easy to use cloud-based SaaS solution; no IT hassles