Asset Managers

Strengthen your core capabilities in hedge funds
and provide your clients with full transparency in the fund selection process.

Key Capabilities

Browse information about 6,000+ hedge funds including a fund investment strategy, investment terms, principals, assets under management, domicile and track record.

View hedge fund best performing strategies for any period of time.

Construct an optimal portfolio of hedge funds that meets a set of client investment objectives, requirements and risk preferences around strategy, diversification, track record, fund age and size, and assumptions about future market trends or industry events.

Leverage HedgeSight’s fully transparent process to share with clients a deeper understanding and appreciation of decisions made around their portfolio rebalancing.

Conduct an analysis of hedge fund portfolios along multiple dimensions such as economic level, geography, sector, asset type, financial instrument and trading method.

Assess the correlation of a hedge fund portfolio with the S&P 500 and view corresponding Alpha and Beta metrics.

Simulate the projected cash flow for all fund subscriptions and redemptions.

Build different portfolio construction and rebalancing scenarios and compare them against a set of performance metrics.

Key Features

Comprehensive hedge fund
portfolio optimization engine
Multi-dimensional analysis of hedge fund portfolios and strategies
Key Features
Scenario development,
comparison, analysis and tracking
easy to use cloud-based SaaS solution; no IT hassles